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About Us
About Narita – Used Car Spare Parts
We're the used car spare part supplier located in Johor Bahru, Johor. We import secondhand cars directly from overseas (mainly Japan), and distribute to local automotive market. Our product range includes full unit, half cut, individual spare parts, and car accessories.
In order to offer reasonable pricing (low cost) and good quality automotive spare part, we host few of our specialists at Japan for used car surveying. Besides, we do provide back-to-back order, whereby customers may request our specialists to look for special / sport car spare parts.
Used car spare parts can be found at our warehouse located at Mount Austin Industrial Area:
Body Parts:
Bumper, Spoiler, Side Mirror, Sport Rim, Steering Wheel, Bucket Seat, Adjustable Absorber, Tail Lamp, Head Lamp, Power Door, Bonnet, Door, Bumper
Engine Parts:
Engine, Alternator, Power Steering Pump, Motor, Starter, Distributor, Gear Box, Fly Wheel, Fan Motor, Radiator, Condensor, Aircon Compressor, Air Mask


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